轰轰烈烈去对决 那又怎样 遍体鳞伤 痛也不张扬

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It’s still hard, though. Even after all these years, it’s still so hard to tell someone how she really feels, especially someone she loves. The fear has always been, still is, that they won’t like her. That somehow she will end up being abandoned for expressing her needs.

– in Second Chance, Jane Green

最后微笑的 就幸福的忘记

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孙耀威 & 梁文音 – 幸福的忘记

“遗忘的瞬间,看见 等待已久的幸福。” – 孙耀威

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a father’s love #2

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黃小琥 – 放心不下

累了吗 我永远为你留着一盏灯光
曾经 爱像一种互相惩罚
但你的幸福 却依然是我唯一愿望

我心中 你永远是上天给我的奖赏






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蔡健雅 – 十万毫升泪水

知道我不完美 能给的我都给
于是天蓝转灰转黑 也微笑不插嘴
这一次会气馁 连平凡爱一回
都才将心给谁 马上又被粉碎

满意了吗 你究竟有完没完
你烦不烦 总考验我多勇敢
有那么难 那么幸福和美满
我不贪婪 只求多些夜晚
不鼻酸 不孤单

人的一生会积累 十万毫升泪水
以为哭完苦悲苦味 能换来好结尾
并不是我后悔 爱会痛我奉陪
只是轮到我没 谁视我为宝贝

满意了吗 你究竟有完没完
你烦不烦 总考验我多勇敢
有那么难 那么幸福和美满
我不贪婪 只求多些夜晚
不鼻酸 不孤单

有完没完 我已无条件投降
我要归还 向你借来的勇敢
我不野蛮 不属于我的美满
都不贪婪 只求一到夜晚
有期盼 有陪伴

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Harley, affectionately known as 弟弟

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“Six pounds and 9 ounces
Looking up at me
Like I have all the answers
I hope I have the ones you need
I’ve never really done this
Now I know what scared is”
— You’re Gonna Be, Reba McEntire


Harley, the silly boy, was abandoned in the neighbourhood P and I live in. The silly kitten climbed up a tree and did not know how to get down. He was only less than 2 months old when we found him. He was so tired and hungry, he slept like a baby after we fed him food when we brought him home.

He was a hot favourite. After posting his brief introduction and photos onto the CWS website, many interested adopters contacted us. We had a mini “interview” session and decided on giving him to a nice young lady who keeps another cat at home. However, we could only let Harley go to his new home after his treatment for furmites ended. So the silly boy stayed with us for another month.

During this 1 month, this silly boy showed us his many funny antics. Patterns like greeting us with a wide, open mouth while he makes a babyish “meow” when he wakes up or when he sees us come back from work, crying for milk after he finishes his wet food, etc. He also loves to sleep in the cat litter, and sometimes sleeps while hanging his legs out of the litter box (which we termed the “airing armpits” sleeping position). I fell in love.

A month passed by. The boy really grew. During the recent visit to the vet, he was weighed and it was an astonishing 2.5kg! The vet said that Harley had been cleared of furmites, and officially ready to go. So we contacted his adopter.

弟弟’s adopter came last night to bring him to his new home. P and I packed a bag containing his blanket, toys, favourite treats and a little food to tide him through the transition period. The clingy boy scurried off my hands and went to hide upon seeing the unfamiliar face of the adopter. He refused to come out of his hiding place despite luring him with his favourite treats and toys. When I finally got him out, we let the adopter play with him. He ran away from the adopter and came looking for me. We then had to spend some time to make sure he was comfortable with the adopter before placing him in the adopter’s carrier.

sleeping soundly during the day before the adopter came by at night

P and I walked the adopter to her car. I said my goodbyes to Harley and hurried off. I was so afraid to turn back. P laughed at me for tearing. But I couldn’t help it. It was like sending your own child away. Especially when 弟弟 is so clingy to us. I spent the whole night worrying if he would get used to his new home, and whether the adopter’s other cat would accept him into the family. We are still waiting for updates.

***Update: Harley 弟弟 is doing well at his new home. He has taken to exploring the owner’s room and wrestling with her other cat. Even though the other cat is at least twice his size. Hahahah! I can totally imagine the funny sight! The owner says that the bigger cat has the size advantage, but Harley is totally not submissive towards it. They had dinner together though. Well done, 弟弟!

The whole “弟弟” incident got me thinking. It is not easy to be a fosterer. Or perhaps, like what P says, I am putting in too much attachment. Imagine taking care of a little one and then giving it away… I can’t bear going through the whole process again. I miss 弟弟, I miss him a lot. And this incident shows me that I cannot be an excellent fosterer. Responsible, yes. Loving, yes. But not a good one, because I am too emotional for my own good.

I miss 弟弟. But I wish him well too. I hope he will be happy in his new home, and I hope he’ll be clingy to his owner, just like how he was to me. I wish him love.

寂寞可以是忍受 也可以是享受 享受仅有的拥有

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一个人 想着一个人 是否就叫寂寞
一个人 习惯一个人……


“If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy. …Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”
— Bob Marley

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就是走过太多苦涩 能牵手才感动

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